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Pharmaceutical Litigation

Employees of large pharmaceutical companies can sometimes find themselves at odds with their employers. The two most common issues faced by these employees involve gender-based discrimination and the refusal to follow a directive that is ethically questionable or downright unlawful. Many pharmaceutical employees dealing with Big Pharma issues are very accomplished and well-paid with significant benefits packages. In other words, they have a lot to lose. Workplace discrimination and unethical or illegal behavior are highly complex matters, especially when high-powered pharmaceutical companies are involved. Employees would be well-served to secure the services of an experienced law firm that can help them preserve their reputation, career, and financial compensation and, if necessary, seek compensation for damages.

Discrimination in the Pharmaceutical Sector

While discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, or religion is extrem rare in the pharmaceutical sector, gender-based discrimination occurs with alarming frequency among women. We’ve seen this happen with researchers, scientists, lab technicians, and marketing professionals. For example, a female pharmaceutical employee takes additional marketing courses to enhance her qualifications. Instead of advancing in her career as her male colleagues have, she is met with hostility. Despite stellar numbers, she is transferred to a new territory that has been historically difficult to navigate and even dangerous. She is given a virtually impossible task and then disciplined for failing to increase sales numbers with the intent to terminate – for no other reason but discrimination. We have litigated just such a case. This is a real-world example of discrimination in the pharmaceutical sector that no woman should have to face. Our goal is to make sure you have every opportunity to rise and earn based on your ability and, when justified, recover damages for discrimination.

Refusal to Support Unethical or Illegal Activities

Pharmaceutical employees often face a backlash if they do not support questionable activity, such as inaccurat interpreting data to advance the development of a new drug or promoting the off-label use of an existing drug. Some employees are expected to turn a blind eye to the price fixing of drugs or the failure to abide by FDA regulations. The pressure on pharmaceutical employees can be intense, given the millions of dollars that are spent on research and marketing. However, these employees should not fear repercussions for following the law and staying true to ethical standards.

Don’t Be Afraid of Big Pharma

Many pharmaceutical employees are afraid to seek the help of an attorney because they believe a dispute with big pharma is an unwinnable fight. They fear the short-term impact on their relationship with their employer and the long-term impact on their career. The key is to contact a skilled attorney when you first suspect discrimination or nefarious activity so we can gather documents and communication records, thoroughly review these materials, and determine the best course of action, which could involve suing for damages. There are very specific strategies an experienced lawyer can follow to preserve your reputation, career, and earning potential.

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